Thursday, 21 May 2015

Little by little

I want to blog each day if I can.

Feeling good about my choices this week even though I have a terrible cold.

I brought a Healthy Food magazine today.  I remember when I was losing the weight I was constantly reading weight loss magazine and writing in my blog and focusing on 100 grams at a time.

Chris I am going to do the jar thing it is a cool visual idea and was talking with J about it last night and he said it was a great idea.

My weigh days are Friday's.  I was 141.7 kgs (311.7 lbs) last Friday so I am hoping to be 141.2 this week or even 140.7 this week and that would be brilliant

I have found that if I don't publish my weight I can't be accountable. I want to be accountable.

I want to be back down to 119 kgs by November which is my 20th Wedding anniversary.  I was happy at 119 kgs.  I felt alive and happy and just felt like I was the real me. I know it isn't what I should be as it is still overweight but I was getting there until my head got in the way.

Sick of my head getting in the way

Going to a conference tomorrow with work.  I am looking forward to it but not... if that makes sense.  I don't know what is going happen so I am not wanting to go but I get to see a work colleague I have seen in a while so it makes me happy to chat with her again.

Weigh day tomorrow.  I hope that I remember to weigh in in the morning as I want to weigh at the same time each week so it feels right.

If you are reading please comment and I will come to your blog and read and comment too

Night night


Chris H said...

Good luck for weigh in tomorrow. Your goal of half a kilo a week is realistic and achievable. That is kinda my weekly goal too.
I am accountable with my weight 'number' at Weight Watchers, and that's enough for me. I ain't putting it on me blog!
Go buy your marbles and some nice tall jars!
Have a lovely Friday.

Chris H said...

P.S. I would LOVE to catch up with you in person at some point if you would like that? If not, all good.