Sunday, 10 April 2016


Woke up this morning early as C had to be taken to a school gala where he was volunteering and making coffee's from a coffee trailer.  C wants to learn how to make coffee's so it when he needs a part time job while studying at Uni (if he goes) then he is set.

Then had to take mum to the shopping mall so she could do things and then Q had to be taken to meet up with friends as they were going to Raglan with his friends parents.

THEN.... we were going a my best friends place to pack things as tomorrow she moves in to their first home.  So excited for her... her and her hubby deserve this.  Bit jealous as she is having exciting things happen but not jealous of her.  I just want a challenge or something happening with me so I don't feel like my life is boring.  I know it isn't but you know when others are excited about something and you don't have anything at the moment ya get a little jealous.

Got a Facebook message from my old trainer today saying she was thinking about me as she went through some photos of the boot camp and tough guy gal challenge and all the fantastic things we did back a couple of years ago.  She asked if I wanted to come to her kick boxing classes she is having in her garage.  OMG I jumped at it.

So excited... this trainer kept me going and really helped me so much with my self esteem etc.  So J and I are going to go every Wednesday night OMG I am so excited but really really scared as I am sooooo unfit compaired to what I used to be with her.

It feels like it is all happening again and I feel like this time I am going to kick some of my fat butt.

Food... food is my problem.... I need to sort out my food.  I love food so much at the moment.  I have a problem with sweet stuff... I never it had it before... never worried me if I had anything sweet ever... but now grrr.

So.  I know that there are at least 18 people reading my blog at the moment.  Come and chat.... stop being in the background LOL... I don't bite :-)

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Tracy Robinson said...

Yay, glad you are back blogging. I need to update but I have been manic and also I am using a loaner laptop while mine is being fixed & it sucks monkey balls!!! Am currently in Chch Mum had her operation but there were a few complications so she is still in hospital, hopefully out tomorrow. Food has been OK during the week but not so hot on the weekend, was hanging out with my Dad.