Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Doing better

Doing better and focusing on me and seeing the scales coming down yayyyy

Got my trainer on Wednesday and a little nervous as it has been a while but so looking forward to it.

Work has been full on but some great things coming my way.  So feeling great about that at the moment.

Tracy.  I hope things are going well with your mums operation.  Thinking of you.

Been thinking more about the food that goes in to my mouth in the last couple of days and trying to make better choices but not being boring.  As long as I am keeping within my points I am good.

I am sitting here updating my blog and Charlie is looking at me from the ground GRRRRR so now I am feeling like I have to rush this so I can take him for a walk.  Yukky rainy weather and it is Quinn's turn to take him.  Grrr Quinn.... stop being out with friends.

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