Saturday, 13 June 2015

So many things in this post

A work mate of mine that hasn't been with us long I am finding is a great influence on me.  

She is eclectic... I think that is what you call her.  I love that she is.  I love that she is different and that she is true to herself no matter what others say.  I look at my clothes and wish I was more pretty.  I put on the clothes and look in the mirror and I think I feel pretty and then I get to work and catch a glimpse in the front door (as it is glass) or the mirror in the toilet at work and I feel so fat and so frumpy.

My work mate is in to the pinup clothing like the photo below:

I am not saying that I want to wear this clothing but I am saying I want to feel pretty and I want others to think that I am pretty.

She is a year older than me and has only realised in the last couple of years what she likes and goes and gets it.

So what I want is not to be skinny but to be happy.  I was happy at 119 kgs and maybe I could get down to 99 kgs but I want to feel that vibrancy again.

I went out today and brought myself a Garmin Vivosmart as my fitbit just was not helping because I put it on my bra and then it went through the wash and ruined it.  I have brought 2 of them grrrrr and it is costing me too much.  So this time I went with a Garmin.  Only had it today but it is so cool it does my steps and sleep patterns and also controls my music on phone and texts that come through I can read them.

It makes me get up when it sees that I have been sitting too long.

I want to make a better me but I don't want to be skinny.  I have to get my head right.

I know I have to get my head right... I know this.... but how to I don't know.... I can't seem to stop myself from eating terrible things at work.  

I think maybe my self esteem is just too low that I can't work it out.  I need to find a way to turn me around.

My first two steps are to track and to do at least 6000 steps a day.  Doing 6,000 steps is hard with my job and I work like 60 hours a week.

Ohhhh forgot to say that my work FINALLY got me on to this project I have been wanting to do.  I thought one lady was stopping it but she wasn't and for 8 months she said she has been trying to get me on her team.  This new opportunity is going to really make me know things that others don't and make me maybe a little indispensable.  

First I have to audit this new part of our company and see if two workers there are worth being there and if they are doing the right thing.  I have to work out their systems so that I can train others in another part of New Zealand so that I have the knowledge to change others the right way.  I know that is confusing but I cannot say what it is.....

So.... the only problem is that I lose some of my work to hmmmmm not so competent people and that is doing my head in and some of the admins are not happy that I am losing them.  But I need this challenge... 

Ok ... so I need to work out how to take on this work challenge and also to lose this weight and also to have time with my family as I am not balancing that well right now.
  • Work
  • Kids
  • Hubby
  • Mum
  • Crafts
  • Eating right
  • Exercise
  • Dog
  • Friends
  • Blogging
Need to think about how I can balance my life.

Night night


Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Why did I not know you were still blogging??? Good to see you!

Chris H said...

You are facing all sorts of challenges Chick, but I am sure you will get it all sorted.

Tracy said...

Why don't you start with just one small change that makes you feel good, wear a new perfume, buy a "statement" piece of jewellery that you normally would shy away from. Put on a bit of make up each day if you don't already. Any little thing that makes you feel a bit special. You can work up to a complete overhaul if it is too daunting to do at once.

Tracy said...

Hey Missy, no updates for a while, you all OK???