Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Keep on tracking on lol

Better today with tracking and I even had points left over to be able to make a bread and butter pudding as we hadn't had a dessert in ages.

I tracked.  I pointed and I knew what I was eating today..... soooo great feel better.

Thanks for you comment yesterday Tracy. You made me think about things and that I need to stop and move on and stop dwelling about my mistakes and I did.

Work was ok and really busy as it is one of the three times a year we are really busy and life gets hectic.

I need to make sure I track what I am going to be eating before I eat because when I am rushed that is when I am making bad choices.

I want to be looking and feeling happier for our 20th wedding anniversary in November.  I need this.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Tracy said...

Yay, glad today was better. One day at a time.

We are doing "no junk June", Samyson talked me into it on Friday after a work dinner & too much wine - I do not recall actually saying I would do it but apparantly I did - so no chocolate for a MONTH WTF was I thinking :-).

Chris H said...

Nice emailing you tonight... hang in there... plan on what you are eating a day in advance... then you can't slip up so easily. Tomorrow... take your lunch with you, don't rely on buying something there!